Spaghetti Carbonara, a smooth and creamy delight

Spaghetti Carbonara, a smooth and creamy delight

When talking about an Italian cuisine, pizza and pasta are the most loved dishes among all. And when asked for favorite, pasta is preferred by many around the world. Among the variety of pastas, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara is one of the most preferred pastas. The secret? Definitely its creamy and silky texture that can make anyone drool over it!


Marcopolo’s Specialty

Marcopolo is an Italian restaurant situated at Chaya Center featuring authentic taste of Italy and the Mediterranean. The delicacy of Marcopolo also shows an amazing side of cultural blend as it offers exclusive Nepali dishes as well. Marcopolo’s specialty prepared by experienced and creative chef will take you on a food adventure that won’t just satisfy your taste buds but also inspire you for a return trip. Some of the special dishes at Marcopolo are:

Marcopolo organized “Marcopolo Networking Series 2”

Marcopolo organized “Marcopolo Networking Series 2”

Marcopolo Restaurant organized Marcopolo Networking Series 2 on 10th December at its premises located in Chhaya Center. The event was a part of an ongoing networking series organized by Marcopolo Restaurant. The program, which took place with an objective to create a vibrant platform for networking opportunities between Nepali entrepreneurs and professionals  from in and outside Nepal, was attended by more than 30 participants representing various fields including  IT, Tourism, Retail, Hydro, Media, Consultancy, Engineering, Agriculture, Real Estate etc.  Dipen Ghale - Regional President Asia Pacific, Handicrafts, Dikpal Pangeni - NEC President Australia, Film Production and Real Estate, Manisha Dangol Shrestha - NEC President Hong Kong, Fashion Plus Academy, Nilmani Sapkota - Engineering & Innovative Agriculture, Hydroponiocs Nepal, Pranab Joshi - Media & Production were among the attendees.

Maghe Sankranti Special @ Marcopolo

When there is festival, there is food. But Maghe Sankranti is more feastical than any other festivals of Nepal.  To celebrate this amazing festival, we have got a very special menu comprising of Bada Khana, an exclusive 14 course platter and varieties of scrumptious snacks & delightful drinks. Join us with your friends and family to make this Maghe Sankranti a memorable one!

BADA KHANA is the combination of food varieties representing different sources of geography, culture and tradition of the Nepalese people. Specially prepared during the time of festival and special occasions, our 14 course badakhana set is a glimpse of elite and special part of Nepalese culinary, that has been complimented by various people from various walks of life including MasterChef Santosh Shah.

Marcopolo Restaurant

Marcopolo Restaurant Hosted Marcopolo Networking Series

Marcopolo, an authentic Italian and Mediterranean Restaurant, hosted a networking event named “Marcopolo Networking Series” on 1st December 2021 (from 6 pm onwards) at its premises in Chhaya Center. The event was attended by more than 80 guests from various professional background including tourism & hospitality, beauty & fashion, banking, media, retail, entertainment etc.


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