Pasta @ Marcopolo

Nothing beats a large plate of pasta when you are feeling down. Finding creamy and silky textured pasta is hard and every restaurant has pasta on its menu. Pasta is easy and convenient food, made of simple ingredients such as wheat flour, spelt flour, buckwheat, water, and another type of flour. It is considered a healthy, appetizing dish as it contains many vegetables, fruits, fish & chicken and is cooked from fibrous grain.

Marcopolo Desserts

Thinking about dessert will make everyone’s mouth water. Good dessert after food will make the whole dining experience wonderful. So, Marcopolo always makes extra effort to serve delicious desserts. Our delicious, smooth and sweet desserts will not just cater to our diners’ sweet tooth, they will also ensure freshness and wholesomeness. When you visit Marcopolo next time, don’t just expect our pizza and pasta to be good, we also serve great desserts that will uplift your mood. Some of the yummy desserts available in Marcopolo Restaurant are:

Spaghetti Carbonara, a smooth and creamy delight

Spaghetti Carbonara, a smooth and creamy delight

When talking about an Italian cuisine, pizza and pasta are the most loved dishes among all. And when asked for favorite, pasta is preferred by many around the world. Among the variety of pastas, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara is one of the most preferred pastas. The secret? Definitely its creamy and silky texture that can make anyone drool over it!

Marcopolo Pizza

Marcopolo Pizza

If you feel that pizza is more than a food, you are not alone. We are also head over heels in love with pizza. But finding a good, dreamy and cheesy pizza is hard though you can find pizza in every restaurant menu. So, we do what we love – make a nice pizza that will justify your love for this popular comfort food.


Marcopolo’s Specialty

Marcopolo is an Italian restaurant situated at Chaya Center featuring authentic taste of Italy and the Mediterranean. The delicacy of Marcopolo also shows an amazing side of cultural blend as it offers exclusive Nepali dishes as well. Marcopolo’s specialty prepared by experienced and creative chef will take you on a food adventure that won’t just satisfy your taste buds but also inspire you for a return trip. Some of the special dishes at Marcopolo are:


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