Wood Fired Pizza

All About Wood Fired Pizza


If you’ve ever tasted a pizza at Marcopolo Restaurant, you will instantly know that it’s not just a food but a work of an art. Have you ever at any point thought what makes our pizza so extraordinary?

While we will not disclose our whole culinary secrets, but still there's one significant factor that plays a not-so-secret part in our pizza's authenticity: it's wood fired! We must say that wood fired pizza is an absolute delight; and here, we'll share why this method for cooking makes our pizza so remarkable.

Wood fired pizza, as it refers to, is a pizza that's cooked in a block oven powered by wood fire instead of electric power or gas. Unlike most home stoves and conventional ovens, block oven can reach at really high temperatures, which allows the pizzas to cook uniquely. Such wood burning stove is made of a heat conductive material like block, dirt, or maybe concrete. Wood is burned to warm the stove, which can reach up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit! So, this means that it'll require only minutes to cook a full pie to firm, delicious flawlessness.

Many pizza lovers know a wood fired pizza is the most perfect approach to create authentic pizzas. Wood fired oven cooks pizza by trapping warmth. It does not cook your pizza from the heat of the hearth as normally understood. It cooks by heating up the blocks and walls of the oven, which allows the stove to succeed at exceptionally high temperatures. Pizza stoves are made with layers of protection materials that trap the heat inside. Once you heat, it require hours to get warmed up, however once it does it can cook a pizza in less than minutes. Furthermore, the within surfaces can remain hot for quite a while.

A pizza stove releases three varieties of warmth. The primary heat is the warmth of the hearth. The second one is the radiated warmth. The vault of the oven gets white-hot after the fireplace has been constantly burning for some time. The last one is the convection warmth that comes from the encircling heat inside the oven – it heats the upper part as well as the tile on the ground to bake the bottom dough.

Once, the fire gain high temperatures that heat the arch, tiles and floor, you'd then be ready to shove the wood aside, or may be at the rear of the oven. Then, place the dough in the front part of the oven, removed away from the logs. The convection warmth cooks it. Keep the hearth burning to stay the temperature high as you'll be able to add more logs to feed the fireplace to increase the temperature.

Because to its way of preparation, wood fire pizza is the one if you are looking for pizza perfection. This technique of preparing pizza is different from cooking in gas or electric oven in a number of ways:

So, what’s your thoughts? Fancy some authentic pizzas? Visit Marcopolo, you won’t regret J

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