bada khana

Bada Khana, bringing an authentic Nepali cuisine into life

Marcopolo Restaurant has the history dating back to late 80s. Our menu, too has a true legacy reflecting its rich tradition. But, time and again, we would love to add diversity to our classic menu. This time, we have an addition of a typical Nepali cuisine, which is popularly known as Bada Khana.

Nepali cooking boasts a wide range of cuisine that makes use of varieties of flavors, spices, vegetables and herbs. Badha Khana, an exceptional subset of Nepali cooking, is one of them. Literally, Bada Khana means “Big Food”. So, true to its name, Bada Khana is a huge feast. It is a platter that packs an assortment of different food items, especially meat. In past, Bada Khana used to be served for extraordinary event for royal gatherings, posh armed force officials and tip top elites in Kathmandu.

This practice of getting assorted large eats on special occasions is just about as old as the Nepali royalty itself. So, at one time Bada Khana was an exclusive regal cuisine limited to certain groups. Now, the story is different. Most of the items in Bada Khana is a local staple and easily available in some fine dining restaurants. However, Bada Khana, in its actual exclusive arrangement and taste is recently introduced in Marcopolo. Our attempt is always to make sure that it has its classic charm intact to entice your palate and leave you with dreamy taste.

Bada Khana at Marcopolo is all about meat. It’s like “You like meat? Well, we got a treat for you!” From spicy punch of sadheko kalejo to tantalizing taste of fried boar, our Bada Khana menu presents an array of dishes largely categorized into nibble, khaja (snacks) set and khana (meal) set with side dishes. Some of the exclusive non-vegetarian appetizers include fried Mahseer Fish from Narayani River, fried/steamed wild boar, fried/steamed local mutton, sukuti, bhutan, kalejo sadheko, khasi ko pakku, fried pangra, chicken chhoila etc. You can also get a variety of snacks options to choose from chicken, mutton and wild boar. Our meal set also offers you the choice from local chicken, chicken, mutton and wild boar options. Our meal set comprises of steamed rice, lentil soup, Chamsur Palungo ko saag, seasonal mixed vegetable curry, aloo Bhujuri, Gundruk/silam ko achar, meat gravy, Lukla white beans, ju ju dhau et. Our vegetarian side dishes include gundruk bhatmas ko jhol, kerau methi ko jhol, biroula and fenugreek pickle makes you feel that they come straight from a typical Nepali kitchen. All in all, Bada Khana isn't only a dish, it's a full feast dining experience that takes you on an exciting journey of true Nepali taste. 





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