History of Pasta

History of Pasta

Pasta, widely known as an easy and convenient food, is made of simple ingredients such as wheat, spelt, buckwheat, water and other types of flour. Pasta can be considered as healthy, appetizing dish that is easy to prepare by simply boiling or baking. Pasta takes its name from the pasty texture made from dough when it is first mixed. There are more than 300 shapes of pasta and it can be eaten fresh or dried. Fresh pasta is usually mixed, cooked, and eaten directly, whereas dry pasta is dried for longer shelf life. It is often prepared later by cooking it in boiling water.

We all know that pasta is a traditional Italian food and has a strong connection with Italian antiquity. But pasta’s history is not limited to Italy only. Pasta has been eaten by various cultures through different time periods. There are different versions of stories on how it was first made or introduced. Greek mythology suggests that the primary mention of a pasta maker was God Hephaestus who made long strands of dough and flattened them through two rotating tubes. It is also said that the first pasta dish was made in Sicily by boiling an enormous sheet of dough. 

Some history claims that Marco Polo introduced pasta in Italy after his exploration of China in late 13th century. In his book, “The Travels of Polo,” there's a passage that briefly mentions his introduction to a plant that produced flour. The Chinese used this plant to make a meal almost like barley flour. The barley-like meal Polo mentioned was to produce several pasta-like dishes, including one described as “lagana” (lasagna). Since Polo’s original text does not exist, the book relies heavily on retellings by various authors and experts. This combined with the fact that pasta was already getting popularity in areas of Italy during the 13th and 14th century makes it impossible that Polo was the first person to introduce pasta in Italy. So, till now also, pasta’s history is shrouded in the mist of mystery. But, whatever the story behind its origin is, it is not bothering us to relish this delightful dish. In fact, with innovation and creativity of passionate pasta lovers, the dish is being more varied and popular across the world.   

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