Is Pizza a Healthier Breakfast Option Than Sugary Cereal?

Is Pizza a Healthier Breakfast Option Than Sugary Cereal?

When you think of nutritious foods, pizza isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind. Why? With quick-service and sit-down restaurants alike selling pizzas smothered in crumbled sausage, slices of pepperoni, and additional layers of cheese, it's no surprise that the Italian dish has a poor image. Would a thin crust pizza with prosciutto, spinach, and caramelized onions sprinkled with feta and oregano fit into the same category?

Though, pizza has not-so-healthy image, when compared to a large bowl of cereal or granola, it appears to be a better alternative. When it comes to calories, they are nearly equal, andpizza also offers more nutritious advantages. When someone seeks for a healthy meal, they normally aim for a blend of protein, carbs, and fat. Pizza contains carbs in the form of the crust, as well as protein and fat in the form of the cheese.

You might be surprised to learn that a standard slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk have roughly the same number of calories. Furthermore, most cereals include a lot of carbohydrates with little fiber and protein, which means they're frequently not filling or energetic enough in the morning to begin with. Pizza, on the other hand, has protein-rich cheese. Pizza has a considerably higher protein content, which will keep you full and increase satiety throughout the morning.

Cereals contain a lot of sugar and are produced with fiber-deficient refined grains, providing a fast, sweet boost—but leaving you hungry an hour later. The majority of packaged cereals are sugar-coated, making them a less-than-healthy breakfast option that may not offer you a good start to the day. A bowl of colorful cereal can tempt you, but those sugar-coated cereals are not something to look forward to. If you rely on sweet flakes for your first meal of the day, you should reconsider. Pizza, on the other hand, has some protein (and fat) to keep you satiated. A whole-wheat crust covered with vegetables provides more fiber and vitamins.

Cereals are hyper-sweetened varieties with very little fiber or protein. However, there are low- and no-sugar whole grain cereals that, when topped with milk and some berries or banana slices, offer a meal with up to half the fiber you need for the day, important vitamins and minerals like iron and calcium, and even a decent amount of protein.

But many popular cereals contain a surprising amount of sugar. So, even if there are more healthier breakfast alternatives available, a piece of pizza is a better balanced meal than a bowl of sweet carbohydrates. Furthermore, a slice of pizza has more fat and less sugar than most cold cereals, so you won't experience a sugar crash.So, next time when you eat pizza, you don’t need to feel that guilty.

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