Marcopolo Desserts

Thinking about dessert will make everyone’s mouth water. Good dessert after food will make the whole dining experience wonderful. So, Marcopolo always makes extra effort to serve delicious desserts. Our delicious, smooth and sweet desserts will not just cater to our diners’ sweet tooth, they will also ensure freshness and wholesomeness. When you visit Marcopolo next time, don’t just expect our pizza and pasta to be good, we also serve great desserts that will uplift your mood. Some of the yummy desserts available in Marcopolo Restaurant are:

Pana cotta Vanilla

Panacotta is an Italian dessert, which is made up of sweetened cream thickened with gelatin and molded. Pana cotta is one of those really easy dishes to make, it tastes yummy and its looks really amazing. Nothing beats the creamy vanilla flavored pana cotta. The sweetness jelly and the tanginess of berries is specialty of pana cotta vanilla.

How to make it: In a sauce pan add sugar, cream and cook until simmer or near to boil and add soak gelatin and vanilla flavor. Then, pour cream into portion bowl and freeze for 4 hours. After it sets properly, it is ready to serve.



Tiramisu is a classic Italian no-bake dessert made with layers of coffee-soaked ladyfinger, creamy mascarpone custard and whipped cream. Tiramisu has 2 main layers and the top is a dusted with coco powder. The texture of Tiramisu is a bit sweet with a touch of bitterness also.

How to Make: Whisk egg white and egg yolk separately and combine together, add mascarpone cheese and add brandy. Then, take a mold and deep ladies finger bread into espresso coffee and arrange into mold and pour eggs mixture into ladyfinger bread. After that, repeat 2 layers, sprinkle sugar powder and coco powder. Freeze at least 4 hours before you serve it.


Lat Brule

Lat Brule is also known as Crème Brule. Crème Brule is a creamy pudding like baked custard with a brittle top of melted sugar which cracks when you gently tap on with a spoon. Crème Brule is rich and creamy dessert made from cream, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla flavor. The crunchy topping and creamy custard will make this dessert yummier.

How to Make: First separate eggs yolk in a bowl. Then, in a sauce pan add sugar and cream and cook near to boil. Pour cooking cream in eggs yolk bowl and with whisking add into portion bowl and cook into oven for 15 minutes.



I Nostri Gelati

I Nostri Gelati is an ice cream that comes in 3 flavors and it is finished with whipped cream and pistachio. I Nostri Gelati is more special and delicious due to the flavor of ice and on the top, it is decorated by whip cream and pistachio. The flavor of ice cream and the cream with crunchy pistachio make this dish special and delicious.

How to make: Find any flavor of ice cream and decorate the topping with whipped cream and pistachio.


Pizza Dolce Vita

Pizza Dolce Vita is a dessert pizza. Pizza Dolce Vita dessert is special due to the ingredients used in it. Sweet pizza dough, Nutella sauce, fruits and tutu frutti are the ingredients. The crunchy crust and the sweet sauce are perfect with the tanginess of tutu frutti.

How to make: Make dessert pizza dough with flour, sugar, milk and butter. Bake until golden brown and spread Nutella sauce and sliced fruits on top and finish it with tutu frutti.



Vulcano dessert is an iconic dessert which has liquid lave of chocolate in the center. The hot melted chocolate lava in the center of the cake is the main attraction of Vulcano.

How to Make: In a bowl add butter and chocolate block, cook double boil method and arrange dry ingredients like flour and baking powder. Then, in another bowl whisk egg and sugar, pour melted butter and chocolate. Add dry ingredients and mix them well and then pour in a portion bowl and bake into oven.

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