Marcopolo’s Pizza Guide

Pizza is Italy's ambassador to the rest of the world when it comes to cooking. Taking a bite of a warm slice of pizza is like biting into an Italian fantasy.

We'll just say it: pizza is the most popular thing in the world. Keep in mind that we're not calling it a "thing" because we were tired or running out of vocabulary, but because pizza transcends all definitions. Not only do many people prefer pizza over spaghetti or hamburgers, but others would rather have pizza than a vacation or an afternoon at the spa.

Pizza besides being one of our favourite foods, comes in a variety of types - there's one for every country on the planet. Here's our brief pizza collection to give you a taste of the various varieties of pizza, from the most conventional to the most beautifully reimagined, that you will find in different regions of Italy — in the hopes that it will inspire you for your next dinner.

  1. Neapolitan Pizza

This pizza was born in the city of Naples (hence Neapolitan), on the rich soil of Campania underneath Mount Vesuvius, and it has “Traditional Speciality Guaranteed” status, which means it must be made precisely to be called Neapolitan pizza. The delicate thin dough that mixes well with the fresh tomato and mozzarella topping and contrasts with the thickness of the very soft edge, the cornicione, is its distinguishing feature. This results in a delicious, harmonized flavour that melts on the palate without numerous flavours interfering with one another. This can be filled with ricotta cheese and pepper in some cases, creating a garden of delights for your taste buds. Neapolitan pizza serves as the foundation for all gourmet pizzas in the Italian food industry. This great pizza is more than the number of its ingredients—it is the tradition and accuracy with which it is made.

  1. Diavola Pizza

Do you want to spice up your pizza night? This fiery pizza diavola with fresh olives, spicy peppers, and gooey mozzarella cheese is a crowd favourite. So, what exactly is a hot pizza diavola? The spicy notes in Devil-style sauce, as it's called in Italian, inspired the name. That means a pizza topped with spicy salami and pickled jalapenos. They make an appealing combination. The creamy yet tangy cheese and sweet tomato sauce are added in pleasingly mild amounts, allowing the smokiness of the crust to show through until the heat from the salami kicks in.

  1. Marcopolo Pizza

When you want to add colour and texture to your cheese pizza, this is a great choice. And the only limitation is your creativity. This thin-crust pizza with sun-dried tomato and spicy salami is a show-stopper, served with mozzarella, feta cheese, roasted capsicum, onion, olives, fresh tomato, and fresh basil. The concentrated taste of sun-dried tomatoes, mixed with onion and basil, results in a tasty and aromatic rustic pizza. The pizza toppings offer it a tangy, sweet taste that is unrivalled.


Pizza is still a good idea, whether you choose to try something different or just get your old favourite. Marcopolo Restaurant uses new ingredients to provide you with the finest flavour representation pizza has to sell, with the convenience of eat-in, take-out, and online buy for you and your family.Visit us to find out how inventive and delicious a pizza can be!We also have a wide variety of gourmet options, as well as pastas, wraps, soups, salads, and desserts. Come over and see for yourself J

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