Marcopolo’s Specialty

Marcopolo is an Italian restaurant situated at Chaya Center featuring authentic taste of Italy and the Mediterranean. The delicacy of Marcopolo also shows an amazing side of cultural blend as it offers exclusive Nepali dishes as well. Marcopolo’s specialty prepared by experienced and creative chef will take you on a food adventure that won’t just satisfy your taste buds but also inspire you for a return trip. Some of the special dishes at Marcopolo are:

Wood Fire Pizza

Wood fire pizza is a pizza prepared by using wood fire. So, it’s not a different type of pizza but a pizza cooked in different way. Pizzas are prepared in various ways. But the most authentic way to make pizza is by using wood fire. This method brings out the real taste of pizza. Wood fire is a traditional way of cooking a pizza where the oven is made of heat-conducive material like brick, clay, and concrete. Due to the high heat, pizza will be cooked evenly &quickly and the topping remains fresh and nutritious. Our pizza is delicious with thin crispy bottom and tasty topping with enough cheese. So, the wood fire pizza of Marcopolo is a must try dish.

  • Napoli Pizza: Napoli Pizza or Neapolitan pizza was originated in Naples, Italy. Napoli pizza is prepared with simple ingredients like; basic dough, basil, olive oil, raw tomatoes, mozzarella cheese. In this pizza there won’t be any fancy topping and often there is more sauce than cheese.
  • Diavola Pizza: Diavola Pizza is the devil style pizza because of its spicy punch features. Hot salami and jalapenos make a perfect combo in this pizza. Diavola pizza is the Italian name for pepperoni pizza.
  • Marcopolo Pizza: Marcopolo Pizza is our special pizza which has a unique combination of sun dried tomato, hot salami, fresh tomato, olives, onion, roasted capsicum, feta and basil with thin-crust. The topping and the cheese is tangy and sweet.



Pasta is a traditional Italian food that can be considered as a healthy, appetizing dish as it contains many vegetables, fruits, fish, and chicken and is cooked from fibrous grain. It is easy to prepare by simply boiling or baking. There are altogether 4 special varieties you can choose from at Marcopolo. If you are a pasta lover, you will definitely love to be at Marcopolo.

  • Piccata Milanese: Piccata Milanese is a classic traditional Italian pasta dish. It is served with Piccata Milanese cutlet and spaghetti. It is made with soft chicken scallop in basil, tomato and sugo with spaghetti.
  • Rigatoni Bolognese: Rigatoni Bolognese is a popular comfort food originated from the city of Bologna, Italy. Rigatoni Bolognese is made with authentic Bolognese sauce which is tangy in flavor.
  • Penna Arrabbiate: Penna Arrabbiate is a classic Roman cuisine prepared with a hot sauce with tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and red chili peppers. In Italian word ‘arrabbiata” means angry as the flavor of Penna Arrabbiate is fiery.
  • Spaghetti Carbonara: Spaghetti Carbonara is creamy and cheesy pasta and it is love at first bite. It is an Italian dish from Rome. It is made with bacon, eggs, parmesan, a little olive oil, salt and pepper.


Bada Khana

Bada Khana is a combination of food varieties representing different sources of geography, culture and tradition of the Nepali people. Specially prepared during the time of festival and special occasions, our 14 course Bada Khana set is a glimpse of elite and special part of Nepali culinary that has been complimented by various people from various walks of life including MasterChef  Santosh Shah. The bada khana is a full course meal that includes Pulao, Muttan Kabab, Badel Tarek, Fish Fry, Sukuti Sadeko, Beans Curry, Kwati ko Jhol, Mixed Vegetables, Aloo Kaptera,Chamsur Palungo ko Saag, Dry pickle, Salad, and Desert.

Mutton cooked in traditional Nepali style with special spices, purposed for festive

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