The Most Common Pizza Mistakes

The Most Common Pizza Mistakes

With innumerable pizzas being preparedthroughout the worldand even more number of people trying to make it, it's no surprise that some commonmistakes may occur during its preparation! Although pizza appears to be a simple dish to prepare, there are numerous components from baking your own pie to sorting out toppings and seasonings that can make the process difficult and alter the end outcome. So, here we are to help you out!

  1. The dough isn't going to stretch!

One of the most prevalent pizza issues is dough preparation. Whether you create your own dough or buy it from the shop, it must proof (or rest) for a short period of time. Many people want to start working with their pizza dough right away, stretching and shaping it before it has fully proofed.As a result, the dough will shrink and resist being stretched into a lovely crust. If this is the case, allow the dough to proof at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before stretching.

  1. The dough is too tough!

When too much flour is added, the dough becomes hard and rigid. Overworking the dough, whether by hand or with a roller, might result in this. Overworking the dough will cause all of the small bubbles that make the pizza crust so light and fluffy that tend to burst when cooked. The type of flour you choose might also contribute to the firm crust. The ideal flour for pizza dough is '00' flour, which has a finer grind than regular baking flour.

  1. The pizza is soggy!

Soggy pizza dough is perhaps the most common mistake made by rookie pizza makers. This is because the pizza is overloaded with toppings, including sauce and cheese! While it's tempting to get carried away and believe that the more toppings, the better! This exhilaration will swiftly lead to a slew of issues. Excess toppings will make the raw dough mushy and difficult to shift from the peel to the oven. Similarly, the more toppings will cause the pizza to take longer to cook, risking scorching the bottom before all of the layers on top are finished, and resulting in uncooked dough in the center of the pie.

  1. That's the wrong sauce!

Many individuals will go to great lengths to prepare their own pizza dough from scratch, only to top it with a prepared sauce. This is a serious mistake because the dough and sauce are the most flavorful components of your pizza! Making your own sauce gives you significantly more control over the type of pizza you're aiming to make.


  1. Don’t put it in a pan!

People do it, mostly because most individuals do not have the necessary tools to create a pizza at home. Everyone wants the brick oven flavor, but then cooks a pizza on a pan in a regular oven for 25 minutes! The problem is that baking pans and cookie sheets are too thin to carry high heat to the dough, resulting in a slowly cooked pizza with a firm crust and soupy toppings. Pizzas are meant to be baked rapidly because it crisps up the crust without draining out all of the liquid. There's no reason to pan-cook a pizza when pizza stones and baking steels are so affordable!


So, there is no doubt that pizza can be difficult to make! Nonetheless, the intricacy is arguably what makes it one of the most enjoyable cuisines to prepare. Every day, we see beautiful photos of families from all around the world getting together to bake delicious pizzas! That isn't as common with a spaghetti dish or taco night. Probably because pizza is so adaptable, it adds several levels of creativity to the cooking process! So keep creating, and we hope these suggestions will help your pizzas to reach new heights! Please keep in touch if you have any more inquiries! We are delighted to see you making pizzas and are here to help you have the greatest experience possible.

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