Wood Fired Pizza

Why is Wood Fired Pizza Better?

“Wood fired” simply means that the pizza has been made in a traditional oven powered by wood fire. Such ovens are made of heat-conducive materials like brick, clay, concrete etc. They are pre-heated, sometimes even above 800 degrees Fahrenheit. And once they have required temperature, pizza pies are put in them. Due to the extreme heat, pizzas will be cooked to perfection within few minutes. So, rather than wood fired pizza being a different pizza type, it’s just the cooking method that is different.

You might have tried this type of pizza (if so, you know what we are going to talk about), or noticed pizza being advertised as “wood-fired” in many restaurants and pizzerias. So, you can easily guess that such pizzas must have some specialty compared to non wood fired pizza. If you ask us, we would say, they don’t have just “some” but many specialties than pizzas prepared in normal ovens. So, here we are to tell you all the reasons why wood-fired pizza is better.

  1. Evenly Cooked

Because of the equal distribution of heat in the oven, wood fired pizza is evenly cooked making its taste and texture better. You know it well that brick observes more heat than regular ovens. So, it makes the pizza’s texture just right - crispy toppings and soft crust.

  1. Better taste

The most important benefit of cooking pizza in wood fire oven is its flavorful taste. It is not just true with pizza only, any food prepared in this way tastes better. You will get the smoky and enriched flavor enhanced by wood fire. Not just the delectable toppings and crust, the bottom will also give you a pleasing charred flavor. Some chefs also try different types of firewood to give different flavors. If you have tried it, you know what I mean!

  1. Time efficient

Wood-fired oven significantly reduces the cooking time. Due to the extreme temperature in the oven, it takes just few minutes. Whereas, regular ovens can take 15-30 minutes or more depending on the temperature. For a hungry person what could be more torturous than waiting for the meal.

  1. Fresh and nutritious  

Since this cooking method doesn’t take a long time, the toppings like fruits and veggies remain fresher helping to retain their nutrients and antioxidants. A longer cooking method definitely lessens the nutritional value of the pizza. So, if you care for your health, you will definitely go for wood-fired pizza.

  1. Authentic taste

Pizza is a traditional food dating back to hundreds of years ago. In earlier times, people didn’t have other sources of energy to prepare food. So, if you want to have the real taste of pizza in its original form, then go no further – choose wood fired pizza!
Now, you know why wood fired pizza is special. So, fancy some great wood fired pizza in Kathmandu? Visit Marcopolo Restaurant. Other than offering scrumptious pizzas, we also offer a wide range of authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. 


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