Marcopolo organized “Marcopolo Networking Series 2”

Marcopolo organized “Marcopolo Networking Series 2”

Marcopolo Restaurant organized Marcopolo Networking Series 2 on 10th December at its premises located in Chhaya Center. The event was a part of an ongoing networking series organized by Marcopolo Restaurant. The program, which took place with an objective to create a vibrant platform for networking opportunities between Nepali entrepreneurs and professionals  from in and outside Nepal, was attended by more than 30 participants representing various fields including  IT, Tourism, Retail, Hydro, Media, Consultancy, Engineering, Agriculture, Real Estate etc.  Dipen Ghale - Regional President Asia Pacific, Handicrafts, Dikpal Pangeni - NEC President Australia, Film Production and Real Estate, Manisha Dangol Shrestha - NEC President Hong Kong, Fashion Plus Academy, Nilmani Sapkota - Engineering & Innovative Agriculture, Hydroponiocs Nepal, Pranab Joshi - Media & Production were among the attendees.

Marcopolo Restaurant

Marcopolo Restaurant Hosted Marcopolo Networking Series

Marcopolo, an authentic Italian and Mediterranean Restaurant, hosted a networking event named “Marcopolo Networking Series” on 1st December 2021 (from 6 pm onwards) at its premises in Chhaya Center. The event was attended by more than 80 guests from various professional background including tourism & hospitality, beauty & fashion, banking, media, retail, entertainment etc.

Father’s Day Special

Father’s Day Special

In Hinduism, father or Pita, takes the place of God. Father is honored as a teacher, protector, and savior. Every year, on the no-moon day of the lunar dark fortnight in Bhadra (Bhadra Krishna Pachhaya), Father’s Day or Buba ko Mukh Herne Din is observed. This year it falls on 7th September. The literal meaning of Mukh Herne is to see someone's face. Father's Day is also known as Kushe Aausi, Pitri Tirpani Aausi, and Gokarne Aausi.

Pasta mistake

Some Common Mistakes while Cooking Pasta

Pasta is a go-to comfort dish for many people. Despite decades of carb aversion, pasta remains a staple of restaurant and home menus. Pasta can be dressed in a variety of ways, garnished in a variety of ways, and served in a variety of ways. While it may appear simple to make a batch of pasta, there are a number of common mistakes that can ruin the texture and flavor of your pasta, resulting in a poor feast. Have you ever thought about how much water you'll need, when you'll put the pasta in, and how often you need to stir the pot? All of those culinary questions, as well as others, turn out to have correct and incorrect solutions. So, here we are to help you with numerous pasta cooking mishaps so that you can happily dive into your dish.

Wood Fired Pizza

Why is Wood Fired Pizza Better?

“Wood fired” simply means that the pizza has been made in a traditional oven powered by wood fire. Such ovens are made of heat-conducive materials like brick, clay, concrete etc. They are pre-heated, sometimes even above 800 degrees Fahrenheit. And once they have required temperature, pizza pies are put in them. Due to the extreme heat, pizzas will be cooked to perfection within few minutes. So, rather than wood fired pizza being a different pizza type, it’s just the cooking method that is different.


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