History of Pasta

History of Pasta

Pasta, widely known as an easy and convenient food, is made of simple ingredients such as wheat, spelt, buckwheat, water and other types of flour. Pasta can be considered as healthy, appetizing dish that is easy to prepare by simply boiling or baking. Pasta takes its name from the pasty texture made from dough when it is first mixed. There are more than 300 shapes of pasta and it can be eaten fresh or dried. Fresh pasta is usually mixed, cooked, and eaten directly, whereas dry pasta is dried for longer shelf life. It is often prepared later by cooking it in boiling water.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine, a blend of flavor and nutrition

What comes to mind when you think of Mediterranean cuisine? Is it pizza, the ever-popular Italian dish? Pasta, kebab or falafel? Most of us tend to think of these popular foods only. However, Mediterranean food is not limited to pizza and kebab only. There are so many dishes from breads to vegetables that are distinctly Mediterranean. A traditional Mediterranean food comprises of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, as well as some fish. As Mediterranean foods are highly plant based with significantly lesser use of animal products, they are considered much healthier in comparison to other continental dishes.

bada khana

Bada Khana, bringing an authentic Nepali cuisine into life

Marcopolo Restaurant has the history dating back to late 80s. Our menu, too has a true legacy reflecting its rich tradition. But, time and again, we would love to add diversity to our classic menu. This time, we have an addition of a typical Nepali cuisine, which is popularly known as Bada Khana.

Nepali cooking boasts a wide range of cuisine that makes use of varieties of flavors, spices, vegetables and herbs. Badha Khana, an exceptional subset of Nepali cooking, is one of them. Literally, Bada Khana means “Big Food”. So, true to its name, Bada Khana is a huge feast. It is a platter that packs an assortment of different food items, especially meat. In past, Bada Khana used to be served for extraordinary event for royal gatherings, posh armed force officials and tip top elites in Kathmandu.

Wood Fired Pizza

All About Wood Fired Pizza

If you’ve ever tasted a pizza at Marcopolo Restaurant, you will instantly know that it’s not just a food but a work of an art. Have you ever at any point thought what makes our pizza so extraordinary?

While we will not disclose our whole culinary secrets, but still there's one significant factor that plays a not-so-secret part in our pizza's authenticity: it's wood fired! We must say that wood fired pizza is an absolute delight; and here, we'll share why this method for cooking makes our pizza so remarkable.

MasterChef Santosh Shah

MasterChef Santosh Shah at Marcopolo

MasterChef Santosh Shah at Marcopolo

A special event “Dinner with MasterChef Santosh Shah” was hosted by Marcopolo Restaurant to felicitate MasterChef Santosh Shah on 22nd March 2021. Mr. Shah, who is a proud runner-up of a prestigious cook show MasterChef UK, was honored with a token of love handed over by Mr. Suman Pandey, a leading tourism entrepreneur and the owner of Marcopolo Restaurant. During the event, Mr. Shah also launched Marcopolo’s new menu named “Bada Khana”, which is an exclusive platter offering authentic Nepali cuisine. After launching the menu, Mr. Shah sampled Bada Khana, and appreciated it for its rich flavors and unique creativity. Mr. Shah also inspected the facilities of the Marcopolo and shared his insights and experiences to a group of Marcopolo’s Chefs.

MasterChef Santosh Shah


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